Jungle Party

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Jungle Party

A chimp and a Chump.

Having been to a few parties in my time, I began to notice certain patterns of behaviour. If we take a hypothetical party being held in an inner suburb of Sydney, certain types of party goers can be classified.

The first type that might be found at this party can be called Cat People. These people are clearly recognised by the smooth way they walk across the room. It is soon noticed that these people are focused on one other person in the room. These types of people are not adverse to using pretence to get close to their target person. Once they are close, these Cat People dig their "claws" in by using very clever and witty word play.

The next type of person observed is the people who will become the "victims" of the stronger party goers. These are "bird people" and the "mousey people". Now to be labelled a bird person, the party goer must have a flighty nature. As for the "mouse people", they scurry rather than walk across a room. The "cat" people are very interested in both these types of party goers.

Then the lion people come into focus. These are usually a married couple who have an "open" marriage.The female is the more dangerous of the two and can do great damage with her tongue. These female "lion" people wait near the food table and check out the other female partygoers. They select one of the shy, introverted young females and go in for the kill.

Pretending to like their dress or their hair or their jewellery, these "lion" females begin to round up their prey. It might mean that some harrassment is needed but the end result is the same at all parties. The "lion" female steers the young woman towards her mate. And the "lion" male is always ready to make a meal of such a young innocent person.

For those who find such "slaughter" too much, other people grab their attention. There are the "snake" people who deliberately do the rounds to stir up trouble. Then there are the "lizard" people who just sit and watch. The most obvious type is the "elephant" person. The biggest person in the room, these people go where they want and do much as they please. Usually they eat a large amount of food and get the best spots at the party. Meanwhile, the "rhino" people tend to charge from one room to the next with little rhyme or reason.

Black Cats

Other types are there but you get the picture. As for me, I am the hunter! There is always one at every party. People like me go after all types and try to capture their attention. As the party draws to a close, the hunter must decide who they will take home. And the party ends when all types realise that there is no food left.

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