The h2g2 Poem: An Offering

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An Offering

And the morning glows along the horizon
Where the sun will soon be rising
Overhead the stars wheel and grow dim
As the first hints of a greater light come
Slowly changing the deep velvet backdrop
From ultramarine through orange-red to yellow-white
We trade the dim shadows for revealing daylight
We shake off the cold slumber
Beneath reflected moonshine
To bathe in the warming waves
Of the expectant day's vast ocean
The tides of the wind carry scents
From the far corners of our world
Musky feral animal spoors and
Dense pungent leaf loam and
Delicate aromas of varietal flowers and
The salt tang of the sea filled with gulls and
Linen hung out to flutter and dry
Even though our industry
Barks and belches and chatters
If we listen intently there's an undercurrent
The pulse of waves along the shoreline
The flurry of wings as a covey takes flight
Grunts of snuffling sows tracking truffles
Water plopping into a barrel drop by drop
Laughter in the leaves and the clapping of limbs
Squeaking hinges on a door opening
The soft pad of slippers and the pop of the spine
A satisfied sigh at the sure knowledge
This will be the best day the world has to offer
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