Wee Mickey-Tam.

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Who is Wee Mickey-Tam?

Alien speaking goobledegook

Wee Mickey-Tam is a young boy-child from the planet earth. He is tall, slim, handsome and is often mistaken for a much older boy-child than he actually is. Wee Mickey-Tam is also the son of mozelda

WMT's Interests and Hobbies.

A guitar with John Lennon's face on it

Mickey-tam is a big music lover. His favourite band is The Beatles. Although he'll listen to anything from cheesy pop to hard rock.

He is a member of an estabished karate club, where he goes once a week to be trained as a mean machine. (albeit, a respectful one!)

WMT enjoys playing football...badly! He'll never make it as a striker, but he's a mighty fine goalie. His favourite football team is Celtic.

Other interests of his include, anything to do with the planets and outer space. Growing sunflowers. Playstation games (especially Tekken) Looking after his dog and gerbil. And generally having fun.

WMT's favourite tv shows: The Simpsons, (and basically any other cartoon) Crocodile Hunter, and he's also got the HHGTTG video which he loves! He is also a HUGE Star Wars fanatic.

Personality, quirks and foibles.

Shuttle launch

WMT is wise beyond his years sometimes. He's very caring, considerate, polite and well mannered. Care-free is a word that springs to mind!

On the other hand, he has inherited his mama's temper, which occasionally explodes into magnificent strops and huffs. Hence the reason he's an honourary member of P.U.D.D.I.N.G

His good traits include, a great sense of humour and sensitivity.

Bad traits: well, the worst I can think of is the fact that I occasionally catch him with his finger stuffed up his nose! YUK!

WMT's Goals in Life.

At the moment, Wee Mickey-Tam has stipulated that when he grows up, he'd like to be either:

a bank manager. (cos he's got a "thing" about playing with money)

a pop star. (to give him his due, he's got a great singing voice)

Or "someone who helps poor people". (blame this one on the tv adverts. He's forever worrying about third world countries and he wants to build wells for all them that have no fresh water. What a sweetie!)

WMT has said though, that whatever he may be when he's older, he'll always look after his mama. He's even offered to have a stair lift put in for me off his first wage packet. How smiley - old does he think I am?!

To Sum Him Up...

A Mr Potato Head happy morning DJ

Wee Mickey-Tam is the best thing that's ever happened to me. He's great, everything I could have asked for in a child. I'm proud to be his mama!

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