"The Princess Bride" - A Quiz

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There seem to be quite a few fans of this great film around the place. If any of these questions need an answer, just post and ask.



1. Who says the following line, and what is happening in the film when they say it?
A. I've never seen it's equal...
B. Humiliations Galore...
C. Anybody want a peanut?
D. There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world...
E. Yes, you're very smart - shut up!
F. Someone was looking for you...
G. I wasn't nervous. Maybe I was a little bit concerned, but that's not the same thing...
H. Oh no, we seemed to skip that part...
I. I don't even exercise...
J. Let's just start with what we have...
K. You can die slowly cut into a thousand pieces...
L. I'll most likely kill you in the morning...

2. What are the three terrors of the fireswamp?

3. What was Inigo's father's name?

4. Who calls who "Tyrone" and when?

5. According to Westley, what is the correct order of parts removal in "The Pain"?

6. What's the rejoinder in each case?
A. It won't be easy, Sire...
B. I'm killing myself once we reach the honeymoon suite...
C. You did something right...
D. You seem a decent fellow - I hate to kill you...
E. I fear I'll never see you again...
F. Tear his arms off...
G. Your Westley is dead - I killed him myself...

7. Which football team does the grandson apparently support?

8. Describe the crest of the Royal Court of Florin.

9. Other than on the farm, at which two points in the film does someone say "As you wish"?

10. What does Miracle Max consider even better than True Love?

11. How many Dread Pirate Roberts' were there between the original and Westley, what were they called, where is the original enjoying his retirement and who do you think is due to be the next one?

12. How many...
A. ...times in the film does Inigo speak the "Hello...prepare to die" line?
B. ...people die in the film?
C. ...men are left for Inigo to fight at the gate in his initial evaluation?
D. ...people know the way in and out of the Pit of Despair?
E. ...kisses are rated "the most passionate, the most pure"?
F. ...ships should have been missing from Florin Channel on the morning after the wedding?
G. ...minutes should you wait for a Miracle Pill to take effect?

13. What three things does Buttercup demand of the Farm Boy?

14. Westley would sooner do something than kill Inigo - what?

15. What two "assets" (other than personal attributes) did Westley need to storm the castle gate, and from where was each recovered?

16. Before his "prestigious line of work" Fezzik was apparently unemployed. Where?

17. In what order do the four riders ride out of the castle gate at the end?

18. What three settings of the Machine are used or referred to in the film?

19. How do the closing titles describe Peter Cook's character?

20. What colour is a soldier of Gilder's tunic?

21. What is Yellin's job-title, what does he carry that no-one else has, and what indiscretion does he commit soon after he first appears in the film?

22. Why did Westley consider Benetti's Defence fitting?

23. The knife Vizzini uses to cut the rope looks very like the one with which Buttercup prepares to kill herself - are they different and if so how?

24. The crown worn by Humperdinck in the dream sequence looks very like the one worn by the Old King to the wedding - are they different and if so how?

25. What are Vizzini's last words. Which three philosophers did he disparage shortly beforehand? What food (apart from the wine) is on the table as he dies?

26. The closing titles credit just two songs used in the film. One is "Storybook Love" which plays over them. What's the other, and when in the film is it heard?

27. Who wrote the book according to the Grandfather? Who really wrote it?

28. How old is Inigo?

29. What is the name of Roberts' ship?

30. Was Vizzini so clever? - What event suggests that it wasn't necessary to scale the Cliffs of Insanity, and what does Humperdinck appear to be able to do that Vizzini seemingly couldn't?

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