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whos nighthoover?

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Who is it?

Never heard of them...what did they do?

whos nighthoover?

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Whoops, a whole week and no-one answered you...

Who is nighthoover?

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I hope your ready to do quite a bit of reading smiley - winkeye

Nighthoover was someone who signed onto the site (In September 2001)... hung around for a couple of weeks without actually posting anything then posted asking, "i want 2 cancel this account what 2 do?"...

The answers to his question started fairly normally but eventually the conversation went completely weird and it ended up with Nighthoover, who never actually posted again, being turned into a god...

If you really want to read the whole story... there's a page here A660674

And the original conversation is here...


One word of warning though... the conversation is LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG!!!!
(It has been going for over two years now!)
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Hope that helps
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whos nighthoover?

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So a foreign person went on to ask how to come off here when he had a look around?

Oh im breaking my keyboard and staying off for a couple of weeks, i wuna be a god too!

whos nighthoover?

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smiley - rofl

Sounds a bit drastic!

Having said that, the whole problem with this place is it's totally addictive... after you've been here a while you won't be able to leave smiley - winkeye

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