The Nursery Pt1

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He's sleeping.

Quiet at the back there.

And mind that toy. Yes, it does have very uncomfortable knobbly bits that dig in when you tread on it.

No, please don't start pressing the buttons on that one. Quite apart from the fact that the noise will wake him up, Mummy really doesn't think she can bear to hear that tune played one more time.


Blue, isn't it? It's amazing just how many shades of powder blue there are, really. But you can see them all here.

The cute fluffy bear with the pale blue ribbon round its neck. The bluebell sheets. The cot done out in cerulean trim. The darling little outfits in the (turquoise) wardrobe which run the gamut from navy to a blue so light you could be mistaken for thinking that Mummy didn't have a theme going on here after all.

The skirting boards painted beryl. The walls a tasteful teal, despite the fact that Mummy always considered 'teal' to be a particularly nasty shade of brown.

The parade of animals rioting across the ceiling and down to the floor.

You can have any animal you like, Mummy told him, as long as it's blue.

There are a lot of whales, dolphins, elephants and parakeets.

And there he is. Positively the cutest baby that ever did crawl determinedly across the floor to throw up all over Mummy's best slippers.

Leave the gold, frankincense and myrrh on the (aquamarine) table by the door on your way out.

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