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First: Everything which is not a rock is the result of Evolution.

Second: Beliefs, as everything within the feedback-system called Evolution, are tested - and then accepted, that is, they survive, or dismissed, mostly because their beliefers don't survive their belief.

Third: To work on a project like Apollo has nothing to do with belief, but with mans gene of high-energy-working-till-completion ability, also known as the workoholic syndrome. I leave it to you to decide whether women have that gene too. Real work (that includes the vision) is entirely different to some phantasy belief worlds of some lazy people who want others to work for them.

Hi Ben! smiley - smiley


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a girl called Ben

Wonko, I am replying to you because I like you, but I am not going to reply to what you have said. Our views of the world are too different. One of the differences is that I respect your right to hold yours. I do not know if you respect my right to hold mine.

But what I do know is that nothing I will ever say will change your views, so that is excactly what I am going to say - nothing.

However - it is very good to see you on the site again. smiley - hug

Take care.



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Yes Ben, it is good to see you again. smiley - smiley

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