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could the meaning of life...

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...be everything?

I mean there are any number of answers to that question, especially as it's hard to define what 'the meaning of life',well, means.

It could mean 'what is life?'
In which case it could still mean anything.
Life can be considered to be 'being alive'.
Or a concept used to describe memorys, experiances and sensory input collected over a period of time.
Having a job and a good social life etc (as in: get a life)is in a sense, life.
In fact life could be something we barely understand at all.

It can be a word with a dictionary definition...

Life: active principle peculiar to animals and plants; living state; living things and their movements; energy and vivacity...(etc etc)

which seems to have many different answers in itself.

It could mean 'why is there life?'
Which is just as hard to answer.

So could the meaning of life be everything? With infinate meanings, no clear definition, so that it can mean whatever you want it to mean from one minuite to the next, and more besides..?

(Don't mind me, I'm just rambling out loud. Any input welcome all the same.smiley - winkeye)

could the meaning of life...

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I suspect that most speakers intend to ask as to the 'purpose' of life. This either includes the assumption that there is a (supernatural?) 'purposer', or has the trivial answer that its purpose is to continue itself - which I take to be the biological standard model. Sorry this is such a dull answer, but I suspect that it has the advantage of being correct. smiley - winkeye

could the meaning of life...

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Or what is the best question?

could the meaning of life...

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Sapna- Melt hearts NOT ice caps <3

i think the meaning of life is about what you do to make things happen and how you handle things and do you get messed up with other peoples path

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