A Conversation for Oxford Meet 2002

Getting to Oxford

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

By train - to Oxford Railway Station (which isn't too far from the city centre, but is further out than the coach station.) Use your favourite train travel website to find out details and times.

By coach:
There are two buses that go regularly and frequently between Oxford and London. They take about 90 minutes and go from:

Victoria (Grosvenor Gardens) / Marble Arch / Notting Hill Gate / Shepherd's Bush (Kensington Hilton) / Hillingdon (Barnard's Lodge Hotel)

Victoria Coach Station gate 10 / Grosvenor Gardens bus stop 'B' / (outside 62-65 Trafalgar Sq) + Marble Arch bus stop 'Y' / Gloucester Place bus stop 'Q' / Hillingdon near Barnard's Lodge Hotel.

Both cost £10 for a next day return (£7.50 for students)

Buses from other places:
the main bus and coach station in Oxford is Gloucester Green. There are buses from lots of places to here and quite a few direct services from Cambridge. Use your favourite coach travel website to find out more.

Buses in Oxford - Stagecoach and Oxford Bus are the 2 main bus companies in Oxford. Train fares can include 1 day tickets encompassing all Oxford Bus buses, which is useful if you don't like walking much.

Getting around in Oxford

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

How to get places:
(maps, part of a frame set)

I'm sure someone who is organising this will tell us when and where to meet, but these routes should help and are most likely the ones we will need.

These are not necessarily the fastest routes, but the easiest to describe and follow...

From the train station to the coach station:
exit station through main foyer. Go through bus/taxi area, bearing right wards till you get to the main road (Botley Road.) Turn left. Walk up past the big bulding on your left, cross over a smallish road, continue straight on into Hythe Bridge Street. Continue straight on, over a bridge over the canal, till the street bears left and another street does a bearing right thing at right angles to the one you are on. Cross over on the pedestrian crossing - you are walking straight on into the road that is bearing right. You should be in George Street. Walk up George Street till you get to an entry on the left and lots of buses and coaches are visible on your left. Cross over carefully and then walk into the Coach Station.

From the coach station to laser quest.
Behind the bus shelter things at the end of the coach station are a few shops and a passageway beside the public toilets. Go through there till you find yourself in a square "Gloucester Green." Cross the square. The laser quest is on the other side of the square from the coach station.

From Laser Quest to the Radcliffe Arms.
This is the easy to describe route and is definitely in no way the fastest route.
When exiting laser quest, turn left and walk down so you are back on George Street (lots of buses going up and down the road.) Turn left and walk up till you get to a junction with Debenhams on your left. Turn left and walk up, crossing at the next big junciton and then walk straight up St Giles. Turn left at Little Clarendon Street. Turn right at the end. Walk up Walton Street. Cross over at the zebra crossing, continue walking up Walton Street, past the Oxford University Press and the Phoenix cinema on the left. Turn left into the street with the Jericho Health Centre on it - this is Cranham Street. The RA is near the end on the right.
The quick route (please forgive me if I get confused):
Go past the barrier thing at the top corner of Gloucester Green. Go right from that barrier into Leicester Street. Turn left into Beaumont Street (if you look right, you should be able to see a big hotel, road junction and museum.) Walk away from the hotel/museum. Cross over when you can and go right at the end into Walton Street. Walk up Walton street, past Little Clarendon Street on the right and the Oxford University Press and the Phoenix cinema on the left. Turn left into the street with the Jericho Health Centre on it - this is Cranham Street. The RA is near the end on the right.

Getting around in Oxford

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And considering how awkward the Radcliffe is to find, it's no wonder I'm suggesting a pub closer to the town smiley - winkeye

smiley - rose

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