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'Doing the Web Well' is a new series of articles about writing standards compliant (and thus future-proof) web pages. Written by myself and other interested parties, these articles will not only teach you HTML properly using the standards, but will also explain the history of the standards, why using them is in your own best interests and tips and tricks used to achieve certain formatting effects.

This series shall not confine itself to HTML (or rather, the XML based successor - XHTML) but will rather link together all the W3C1 standards. The intention is to explain how the standards have been developed to produce a seamless solution for information sharing. The series will also cover non-W3C XMLs2 such as our own GuideML and the XML streams of the Jabber network technology.

As this series progresses, a glossary of acronyms, codes and jargons will be evolved so providing a clear reference for everyone to use. Along with a glossary, I also hope to produce quick-reference cards to the most common standards, allowing you an even easier point-of-call for all your markup problems.

'Doing the Web Well' is, as far as I know, the first guide to markup languages that is not only suitable for all grades from beginners to advanced gurus, but that also takes a standards compliant approach from the start - before bad habits set in.




  1. The World Wide Web Consortium

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1World Wide Web Consortium2eXtensible Markup3 Language3A markup is a coding system that attatches semantic information to a block of otherwise unstructured information.

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