A Conversation for Helium balloons, and the effects of helium on your voice

big fun then?

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

wasn't it? smiley - smiley

big fun then?

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oh yes! I'd say this rates top notch on my list of "fun stuff to do when utterly bored"

big fun then?

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Actually, although it sounds like good fun, a few people die each year while attempting this. They try to inhale helium from an inflated balloon, take too much and rupture their lungs. Not a nice way to go especially when you thought you were going to have a good laugh.

Sorry to spoil the fun. But maybe you should think about putting a wee warning in the entry?

big fun then?

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Martin Harper

this is where the first one went... smiley - winkeye


big fun then?

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