Poor Boy Doesn't Know What Hit Him!

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IRRITATING PUBLIC RADIO (your friends in the air) PRESENTS:

STARRING Enid Arbuthnot And Ingmar Jones

Brought to you by the National Board of Boards and
supported in-kind by the National Council of
Amalgamated Pencil Sharpener Designers

NARRATOR: This evening our little friend learns to deal with
one of the pressing issues of puberty...

MOM: You're not going anywhere until you mow this lawn!

BOY: Ah, gee, do I have to? I was going to go to a rave with the
tranny cheerleaders!

MOM: This crop of grass needs harvesting! By the way, are they
boys dressing as girls or girls dressing as boys?

BOY: I dunno! That's why this is so important tonight! We're going pogo dancing and
they're wearing kilts!

Sound Effect: WHACK!

NARRATOR: Poor boy doesn't know what hit him!

MOM: I know!

Music: Boots Randolph's 'Yakety Sax' 33 1/3 sec.

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