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Scotland is named for Scotia, ancient tall beautiful lion maned queen and granddaughter of Odin Emperor of Gothinia. Scotia and her twin sister Scythia grew up fighting over everything, first apples then orchards then boys and finally nations. Odin banished Scotia to the far northwest islands and he banished Scythia to the other end near the Euxine Sea where they rallied thousands of loyal warriors willing to die for his favorite Goddess in battle over world domination hoping to proclaim his queen greatest Goddess on Earth. Scotland is still named for Scotia but Scythia is now named Ukraine and Romania for other queens who came later. This began split of ancient Gothinia into OstroGoth (East Goth) and VisiGoth (West Goth) leaving MithGarth (Middle Earth or MediTerra) vulnerable to attack from legions of Romans hungry for conquest.

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