The Timelord Quiz - Number Crunching - The Solution

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Last week TIMELORD

set you a number crunching quiz. The winner was Kandyman who added up all the answers to the questions and got 1437, just six away from the actual total of 1431. Well done.

  1. Q: How many books make up the Bible?
    A: 16

  2. Q: How many sails were on the Cutty Sark?
    A: 34

  3. Q: How many months were in the Aztec calendar?
    A: 18

  4. Q: How many Oscars did the film Ben Hur win?
    A: 11

  5. Q: How many acres are in a hide?
    A: 120

  6. Q: How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
    A: 154

  7. Q: On film and TV how many actors played Doctor Who?
    A: 11

  8. Q: How many possible moves can start a game of chess?
    A: 20

  9. Q: How many pounds was the bank note worth that was withdrawn in 1945

    after 193 years?
    A: 1000

  10. Q: Between the two films the Magnificent 7 and the Dirty

    how many lived?
    A: 4


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1Peter Cushing is the only actor to play Doctor Who the rest

played the part of the Doctor

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