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As a part of the pub quiz, a caption competition was held. The task was to try and figure out what a title of an Edited Entry could have been so that the following blobs would fit best.

However, the suggestions were not evaluated and hence no prizes awarded. But the papers were saved, so that later generations (and those who couldn't attend the meet) may enjoy the witticisms of the meet attendants.

Some of the suggestions were hard to read, therefore question marks have been inserted where the interpretation was difficult.


Picture #1

  1. The money making possibilities of David Cronenbourgs banners(?)

  2. How to give a real man indigestion by mind control alone

  3. How to cause heart attacks through telepathy: a beginner's guide

  4. Indigestion by mind control

  5. After a blow to the head Peta fatally stabs Mark: he immediately resigns

  6. Spiderwoman: I sense heartbeat in the immediate vicinity

  7. How to kill with a thought

  8. How to give yourself (and your money) to evangelism

  9. Not another Lucinda posting... smiley -

  10. The best way to a man's heart is by shooting a high-powered laser beam from your forehead

  11. How to induce heart attack and influence people

  12. Woman dips head light - man dies of shock

  13. Headbutting Windows - no hands required

Picture #2

  1. Zeoy Zan(?) & the (???) of BBQ

  2. The benefits of training children in culinary skills

  3. Mekon: his early years

  4. BBQs for babies

  5. Things to cook on the BBQ when you run out of hamsters

  6. Mine's a big one, says TV chef

  7. How to bbq babies: a step-by-step approach

  8. Mecon - the early years

  9. Baby-eating Max Moron strikes again

  10. Craze for new cookery shows taken too far

  11. h2g2 creche(?)

  12. How to roast your baby in three easy steps

  13. The Lorena Bobbit BBQ

  14. I's (?) Barbeque sume more sausages, but there isn't mushroom on here

  15. 1/2 man, 1/2 BBQ

  16. Sizzle sizzle little banger(?), How you cook just like my ****** (moderated)

  17. Barbeque Babies

  18. The naked chef - the early years

Picture #3

  1. Qui-c'est Hamlet?

  2. Politics for beginners

  3. Roddy McDowel's acting tips

  4. The de-evolved Shakespeare company nits the West End!

  5. Scientists have recently discovered that further to the hypothesis that given an infinite number of monkeys over an infinite amount of time with one typewriter - they could script Hamlet - given a cast and a budget, they could also produce it as well.

  6. A history of British politics

  7. After a hard day at the office Mark's puppeteer relaxes

  8. BBC's controversial new 'Today' presenter

  9. Mark Moxon's world travels

  10. 2001: The director's cut

  11. How to be a successful h2g2 Editor

  12. Ashley Highfield, Director, New Media

  13. Robin Cook at work

  14. These orbibal(?) modules have really come on

  15. Mark Moxon - pre shave

  16. The h2g2 movie

Picture #4

  1. Dentrassi cuisine, the vogon way

  2. Petrol-based cocktails

  3. Suck hard and gain free drinks

  4. Sometimes it's politer to swallow

  5. How to organise an h2g2 meet up

  6. Wumbeevil meet up tips

  7. Stay young + beautiful - the easy way

  8. post meet-up hangover cures

  9. Why it's politer to swallow

  10. Mark and Peta sample Mina's cooking

  11. Uncle Heavy - a cautionary tale

  12. Hawaiian shirts and the stains which don't show

  13. The h2g2 summer meet 2002

  14. The effects of a bad entry on the h2g2 staff

  15. The loving-kindness meditation

  16. Greg Dyke sees Hootoo

  17. The Korma [sic] Sutra claims another victim

  18. Uncle Heavy finds a girlfriend

Picture #5

  1. Zero gravity foreplay

  2. Alternative religions practices

  3. Using viagra as a springboard

  4. The 609 position

  5. Painful death the painless way

  6. Talking Point: Researchers' favourite Kama Sutra positions

  7. And Mark dives in where Ashley tears to tread

  8. The top ten beautiful dismounts

  9. The amazing foldaway human

  10. Rigorous testing of new gore-tex leotards

  11. The bits they left out of the Kama Sutra

  12. Farting and the anatomical alphabet

  13. Early 'proof-of-concept' testing of hand drying machines

  14. The hateful, derogatory mabitation(?)

  15. Mina say jump - Blues Shark say - How high?

  16. "Apparently, if we maintain this position for > 7 minutes, it'll clear up my gyp(?) greab(?)

  17. Olga Korbitts midwife was spacially trained

Picture #6

[Note: this image is to be taken upside down]

  1. (???) disappears up his own a**e

  2. The dangers of mixing Yoga and alcohol

  3. < This entry has been hidden because it violates...>

  4. When Teletubbies implode

  5. The perils of unsupervised Yoga

  6. After 2 days on the outside, Mark's mind snaps

  7. Wouldn't you be smiling if you could do that?

  8. The effects of absinthe

  9. When yogic plying goes wrong

  10. Female masturbation - More than poking fun at yourself (thanks to Fragilis)

  11. Put your legs behind your head and suck, baby, I'm gonna put you on the(?) internet(?)

  12. Mina crawls(?) out of (???) (???)

  13. Learn Yoga and blow out candles at the same time!

Sir Bossel

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