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As just about anyone that's a regular reader of the Post knows1, I don't get to go to meets in the flesh, so I send 'me'2 in my stead. I've become as famous3 for that as for my footnotes4... smiley - laugh (Though even for me, four footnotes in two sentences is a bit much...)

Well, I finally get to go to one! And has it ever been a journey getting to go... And this is the travelogue...

The first steps...

On 30.10.01, there was a query regarding the interest in a meet in Pennsylvania. And I expressed my opinion... You can see the conversation in its entirety here. (Don't worry - it's short.) Sometime in the middle of that conversation, I wandered over to Jimi's space, gave him a mufflewhump5, and started the tradition of bugging him about the meet...

Then began the wondering - would I be able to go? Would I even have the guts to mention it to Tom, as he wasn't too sure about these internet people? There's quite a few journals on my space concerned with this very question, but I'm not going to hunt them down now6smiley - tongueout

During this whole time, I was watching the meet page very closely - in fact, I was the first (other than Jimi, who wrote the page) to sign up as a maybe! And ask him - if he missed signing someone up, I let him know itsmiley - winkeye

Finally, after a couple months of wondering, I told Tom about the meet. All I got at that point was a 'Maybe' that was very close to a 'No.' And I clung to that 'Maybe'... Then, in early January, as I was talking on the phone with Amy†, Tom heard me, and he inquired what I was saying I wasn't sure of7 And then, after some three way chit-chat, Tom said yes8smiley - wow

So, after that, I really started getting into the actual planning - after all, I didn't think it particularly fair to tell the people going what to do, if I wasn't going to be there. I also started running around fetching people... And then...

Potential disaster...


For a while, it looked like there was no way we could go9. And I bemoaned that just about everywhere...

But then...

*convinced she's got the sweetest husband in the world*

Tom and I were talking in the car one night, and he said that he realised I really, really wanted to go, and if I was OK with going by myself, I should, since we couldn't afford two round trip airfares, and his job wouldn't let him go anyway. I must have lit up the whole car!


So then, next came the question - tell everyone right away, or buy my plane ticket and say something like 'Guess what I just bought?' - and, except for the fact that I told Lady Scott offsite because I was about to burst, that was my decision - to hold off on the announcement until after I had the tickets. Then Lady Scott added another consideration, which has since fallen through, so never mind... I finally did announce before getting the tickets, though, because I couldn't stand waiting any more10. But I did finally get my tickets! YAY!!! And a couple weeks later, I reserved my hotel room.

So, anyway, I think everyone that knows me knows what I'm going to be doing this weekend smiley - winkeye

And yes, there'll be lots of pictures! And they'll be labelled! If I have to, since my scanner appears to be broken, I'll even go to the copy shop and pay to use theirs!

Amy Pawloski (aka paper lady)

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1At least if they read meet reports...2Just in case there's anyone reading this that hasn't come across my discussions in various meet threads, if I put quotes around any personal pronoun, I'm referring to my portrtait that gets emailed to someone going to the meet in question.3Infamous?4Maybe more so... I'm sure more people go to meets than read my stuff!5Surprise, surprise, eh?6Actually, I had looked them up earlier, and had linked them here so I could get to them easily, but I did it wrong...7'Penn-sill-VAY-nyuh?!?' (Which Amy heard, and I think she can tell you that that's a fairly accurate renditionsmiley - winkeye8Pending finances9And, if you want to get technical, we aren't going...10That, and I'd told so many people offsite by then (and asked them not to say anything) that I thought it was silly to wait any longer...

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