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AlsoRan has had a problem with her connection to h2g2. I've never got to the bottom of what causes it - whether it is a problem with the software, or just the way she uses. But the upshot is that she on a fairly regular basis has been cut off from h2g2 and has re-registered under a new name in order to continue. This means that there are a number of AlsoRan accounts around h2g2, most of which she can't use anymore. I've tracked down a few for reference purposes and recorded them here:

UserNumberNameCreatedLast Posted
U186476Also ranOn or before 21-Oct-2001 
U186829Also ran 15-Nov-200104-Oct-2003
U516677Also Ran1-hope springs eternal29-Oct-200309-May-2007

The oldest name doesn't display properly in h2g2 anymore. Clicking on U186476 should bring you to Also ran's home page. It brings you to a blank home page saying she has never done anything or been in any conversations. But I've found two different conversations where she definitely posted: Wheelchairs and Swimming. As far as I can make out, the wheelchairs one was her first posting on h2g2, on 21 October 2001.

It's now (as of Sept 2019) more than 8 years since AlsoRan has posted on h2g2. I don't think she'll be coming back.

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