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Flower Dreams

Flower dreams do haunt mine eyes

In photographic glory!

Paint for you this strange bouquet -

These fragments of my story.

Daisies in a starry vision.

Poppy scarlet pain.

Primrose light of yellow-shine

In watercolour rain.

Lily in the musky church -

A phantom angel-dove!

Candle-flowers in the dark -

A fragrant hymn of love.

Flowers from the nightmare zone -

Velvet purple fiction!

Tendrils curling round my mind -

Delusion's strange affliction.

Death and beauty intertwining -

Rose and skull tattoo.

Jasmine-scented music

Is my requiem for you.

Flower-dreams do haunt mine eyes

In crazy swirling glory!

Offer up my strange bouquet

My painted flower-story!

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