The Timelord Quiz - ABCD 5

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This week TIMELORD brings you
another ABCD quiz. Test your knowledge, rack your brains and then send your answers to [email protected] before 17.07.2002. Please remember to include your h2g2 name and number.

  1. Q: Which of these had a football trial with the Scottish club, Hearts?

    • A: Ronnie Corbett
    • B: Jockey Wilson
    • C: Billy Connolly
    • D: Sean Connery

  2. Q: Charles Fry played football and cricket for England but in which field event did he hold a World Record?

    • A: Long jump
    • B: High Jump
    • C: Hop skip and a jump
    • D: Pole vault

  3. Q: Which member of the 1966 world cup squad played cricket for Essex?

    • A: Gordon Banks
    • B: Geoff Hurst
    • C: Bobby Moore
    • D: Martin Peters

  4. Q: At 13 years old David Morgan became the youngest person to?

    • A: Win a marathon
    • B: Win a horse race
    • C: Swim the English Channel
    • D: Cox in the boat race

  5. Q: Which of these was the name of a racing greyhound?

    • A: Beam me up Scotty
    • B: Smeghead
    • C: M A Peal
    • D: Timelord

  6. Q: What was the first country to host the Commonwealth Games twice?

    • A: England
    • B: Canada
    • C: Australia
    • D: New Zealand

  7. Q: Eamonn Andrews was once a?

    • A: Boxer
    • B: Jockey
    • C: Gaelic footballer
    • D: Sprinter

  8. Q: In which sport might you get a Dodo Split?

    • A: Golf
    • B: Tenpin Bowling
    • C: Skating
    • D: BMX riding

  9. Q: Terry Venables co wrote which TV series

    • A: Hazell
    • B: The Manageress
    • C: Dream team
    • D: Shoestring

  10. Q: Who won the BBC sports personality of the year 1966?

    • A: Geoff Hurst
    • B: Bobby Charlton
    • C: Bobby Moore
    • D: Alf Ramsey


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