The Timelord Quiz - ABCD 4 - The Solution

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Here is the solution to the ABCD 4 quiz set by TIMELORD.

The winners this week are Granny Weatherwax and Polidari Wormwood who both managed to get 10/10 questions correct and let's not forget Bagpuss who got 3/10 which is exactly three more than I managed to get. Well done to all who had a

The answers are indicated in the colour Magenta

  1. Q: Whose autobiography is Moon Boots and Dinner Suits?

    • A: Neil Armstrong
    • B: Buzz Aldrin
    • C: John Glenn
    • D: Jon Pertwee

  2. Q: Which Yorkshire cricketer's autobiography became the best selling
    sporting biography in Briton?

    • A: Richard Bird
    • B: Brian Close
    • C: Geoff Boycott
    • D: Fred Truman

  3. Q: Which General was the subject of Roy McGregors Hastie's biography Never to be Taken Alive?

    • A: Custer
    • B: Gordon
    • C: Rogers
    • D: Wellington

  4. Q: A. Liars autobiography was written by?

    • A: John Cleese
    • B: Eric Idle
    • C: Graham Chapman
    • D: Michael Palin

  5. Q: The Story of my Experiments with Truth is about?

    • A: Siddharta ( Buddha )
    • B: K'ung Fu-tzu ( Confucius )
    • C: Karamchand Gandhi ( Mohandas )
    • D: Timelord (You can call me Sir)

  6. Q: The biography Captains Log was written by Graham Clark but who is the subject?

    • A: Gene Roddenberry
    • B: Gary McAllister
    • C: William Bligh
    • D: Patrick Stewart

  7. Q: Which jockey’s autobiography is The sport of Queens?

    • A: Dick Francis
    • B: Gordon Richards
    • C: Willie Carson
    • D: Willie Shoemaker

  8. Q: You Only Live Once is the biography of?

    • A: Sean Connery
    • B: Roger Moore
    • C: Ian Fleming
    • D: Eddie (the eagle) Edwards

  9. Q: The Lady of the White House was written by which first lady?

    • A: Nancy Reagan
    • B: Jackie Kennedy
    • C: Eleanor Roosevelt
    • D: Hilary Clinton

  10. Q: Grand Inquisitor is about which TV presenter?

    • A: Robin Day
    • B: Michael Parkinson
    • C: Bob Monkhouse
    • D: Ann Robinson


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