The Acrostic Poetry Challenge: Earmuffs

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The Acrostic Poem has been a long-standing challenge, mainly between B'Elana and PedanticBarSteward. However, we've decided to open up the idea to anyone who would like to take part, as a regular poetry challenge.

The word chosen each time is the Telegram Game's current word, so if you join in or subscribe to the telegram game you'll know as soon as it's announced. When you've completed your poem, submit it by posting to a new thread below, and we'll put the best of them together in the next issue.

Have fun!



Every time I think of thighs,
A fuzzy dimness dulls my eyes.
Rememb'ring far of times of yore,
Maidens, whom I did adore.
Underneath their lissom gait,
Forced me to dream and satiate
For their desires, to dream and sigh,
So – if that's decent – I wonder why.

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Everyone hates mindless censorship,
A naughty gibe for one's another's quip.
Remember to pronounce quite carefully,
'Muffle', 'Ain't it quaint?', and 'tit-eyrie'.
Users will be wroth if you offend,
Forgo txtspk, that infamous new trend,
Flee flaming, eschew egregiousness! Remain
Sober, sanitised, sententious, sane.

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Early years were fine on this site,
Articles to write the thing to do.
Reminiscences of no censorship...
Moderation abounds these days,
Under pressure from I don't know whom.
Failed words, articles, everything.
Freedom of speech a faint memory.
Sad times for you and me.

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Icy North

Every time I post an entry
Alarms go off with Auntie's sentry
Regulations can't be broken
Moderators are awoken
Undergo their prudish cleaning
Filter out the coarsest meaning
Fill researchers' mouths with soap
Scrub away their futile hope

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