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The Acrostic Poem has been a long-standing challenge, mainly between B'Elana and PedanticBarSteward. However, we've decided to open up the idea to anyone who would like to take part, as a regular poetry challenge.

The word chosen each time is the Telegram Game's current word, so if you join in or subscribe to the telegram game you'll know as soon as it's announced. When you've completed your poem, submit it by posting to a new thread below, and we'll put the best of them together in the next issue.

Have fun!


Dmitri Gheorgheni

Because my brain is second-rate
I never learned to calculate.
No matter how hard I worked the sum,
All numbers eluded me. I was glum.
'Rithmetic is a puzzle to this poor fool.
Young people, pay attention in school.

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Bits and bobs and this and that,
Inaccuracy drives me mad.
Never mix your ones and zeros
Analysts are today's heroes.
Reading Icy's Prefix Guide
Yobibytes beat Zebibytes.

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|Sasha Q|

Bits and bytes and mathematics
Involve this base for many tricks
Numerical, alphabetical and more.
And of course it is also for
Realisation of living through
Year of 10/10/10 or 42.

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British embassies instil hate,
In frigid lobbies you wail and wait,
No one trusts you – no one smiles,
And getting there means miles and miles,
Regarded as a terrorist,
You're better off if you go there pissed.

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