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Bails and Stumps

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The Wisest Fool

Pedant alert.
Pedant alert.

Errm...well as this is an 'official' guide entry you could maybe have mentioned that the bails (2 small pieces of wood) that are placed horizontally atop the three wooden vertical stumps constitute 'the wicket' and that if you hit the wicket but fail to dislodge the bails then the batsman is not out.

This leads on to the story (oft repeated on Test Match Special radio commentary during rain interruptions) where a batsmen turned round to see his bails flying off. He turned to the umpire and hopefully announced,
"Look it's so windy today the bails have come off".
To this the umpire retorted,
"Mind it doesn't blow your cap off on the way back to the pavillion."

Non-funny jokes like that are a defining part of the English love of cricket.

Bails and Stumps

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And speaking of anecdotes (well, sort of)...

There are all the hilarious commentating blunders that make no sense to anyone who doesn't have some basic knowledge of the game. The two that spring to mind are:

"The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey."

"He's got two short legs and one behind."

Bails and Stumps

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The Wisest Fool

There's a lot of that sort of thing at

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