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One has to wonder about the English and cricket. They did, after all, invent the game but it seems totally strange to me that they cannot play their own game. The world cup just sadly proved this point. On home soil, the English side could not even make the final six, let alone win the world cup. Maybe the 20th century just isn't England's century.It doesn't seem that long since the heady days of Ian Botham when England actually one something but maybe that was due to the fallout from the Kerry Packer World Series Cricket days rather than anything great about English cricket. It is a shame really because they are all a nice bunch of chaps really but nice chaps don't win cricket games - except perhaps in County Cticket? I know i've been rather harsh on the English side and I do have plenty of pity for them. I would hate to have their press breathing down my neck. The type of parasitic journalism that goes on over there is quite beyond my comprehension. One wonders where they get their degrees from. Anyway, enough of my rambling. maybe one day players like Darren Gough can lead England back to the top....but i doubt it.

Cricket - England

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We have been watching the English play cricket in SA and of course Umpire decisions are questioned again by the press and of course the commentators.

I believe that Umpires should be tested at least once a year for the hearing, eye sight and of course sense of humour.

Then grade them.

put all press and commentators in a padded cell after each game, without beers, gin and tonic and leave them there for a day or so and then let them out for the next test.

Cricket - England

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Hello.. Sorry to interrupt your cricket snippet, but...

*clears throat*

Hi, and welcome to h2g2. Can you please put a little something ("Hi" would be fine) in the body of your homepage so that we eager little mousies (and others) can offer you a proper welcome?

Thank you... We now return you to your regularly scheduled sports-related rants. smiley - winkeye


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