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Last week I thought I had had a splendid idea. Turned out I erred. C'est la vie. But, since I promised, here are, without further ado, the answers to last week's questions (which I repeat here for your convenience).

  1. Q: Which byname would you give the 19th century?

    A: The century of Inventions. The century of steam. The century of electricity.
  2. Q: Who did the greatest service to humanity?

    A: Joseph Lister, who established the antiseptic treatment of wounds.
  3. Q: Who was the most important German?

    A: The former Chancellor of the empire, Otto von Bismarck, with Emperor Wilhelm I as runner-up.
  4. Q: Who was the most important woman?

    A: Queen Louise of Prussia, with Queen Victoria as her runner-up.
  5. Q: Who was the greatest poet?

    A: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, with Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Schiller as runners-up.
  6. Q: Which was the greatest event?

    A: The foundation of the German Empire (1871) with the French Revolution (1848) as runner-up.
  7. Q: Which was the most influential event?

    A: Nearly all people agreed that this had been the German-French war (1870/71).
  8. Q: Which was the saddest event?

    A: The battles of Jena and Auerstedt (1806) where the French were victorious over the Prussian and Saxonian armies.
  9. Q:Which was the main Berlin-event?

    A: Berlin is declared capital of the German Empire.
  10. Q:Who was the greatest thinker?

    A:Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth von Moltke, with Immanuel Kant as runner-up.
  11. Q: Who was the greatest painter?

    A: Adolph von Menzel, with runners-up Arnold Böcklin and Wilhelm von Kaulbach.
  12. Q: Who was the greatest sculptor?

    A: Reinhold Begas with runners-up Christain Daniel Rauch and Bertel Thorvaldsen.
  13. Q: Who was the greatest musician?

    A: Richard Wagner came far ahead of Ludwig van Beethoven.
  14. Q: Which was the most important battle?

    A: The Battle of Nations at Leipzig (1813) was twice as important as the Battle at Sedan.
  15. Q: Which was the most important event for civilisation?

    A: The abolition of slavery was more important than the conquest of the Colonies.
  16. Q: Which was the happiest period?

    A: The period since the foundation of the German Empire in 1871.
  17. Q:Which was the unhappiest period?

    A: The reign of the French over the Germans.
  18. Q: Who was the hero of the century?

    A: The German Emperor Wilhelm I got 2,400 votes, beating Otto von Bismarck by 800 votes.
  19. Q: Who was the greatest military leader?

    A: French emperor Napoleon I, with Prussian general field marshal Helmuth von Moltke as runner-up.
  20. Q: Who was the greatest statesman?

    A: The actual founder of the German Empire, former Chancellor Otto von Bismarck is voted almost unanimously greatest statesman.
  21. Q: Who was the greatest inventor?

    A: US American Thomas Alva Edison.
  22. Q: Which was the most important charitable invention?

    A: The discovery of the railway beats those of electricity, steam power, telegraphy and x-rays.
  23. Q: Who was the greatest Berliner?

    A: Alexander von Humboldt is voted greatest Berliner, with Emperor Wilhelm I as runner-up.
  24. Q: Which book had the biggest influence?

    A:Meyers Konversations-Lexikon is the winner before the Bible, Karl Marx's Capital and Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species.
  25. Q: Who was the worst wrongdoer?

    A: Napoleon Bonaparte I beats Luigi Luccheni, the murderer of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.
  26. Q: Which was the major economic event?

    A: The railway is voted as the major economic event, even ahead of the abolition of the toll gates.

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