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A753013 - Colour Names

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I refer you to my post 17 in this thread.

A753013 - Colour Names

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Jab [Since 29th November 2002]


Yes I have looked at the pages you mention. Added A623242 and A753013 in a drop-down on my space.

A315910 - A page to say one sentence about web safe colour, that would be well placed on any colour reference.

A529715 - display with FONT COLOR="#nnnnnn / name when known" on a 'open' background.

A623242 - BGCOLOR= Easy to see, but the colours are shown dispersed.

A753013 - Netscape names, alphabetical. Not simple to know cornsilk and khaki could be viewed as cream.

My remarks above, for any digibox user to see what the 'A reference' are about without looking, the back/forward feature of a browser lacking.

What I was thinking is color order, RGB with shades. eg. darkred > red > pink | darkgreen > green > lime | navy > blue > cyan.

Bands, with names _aswell_ as hex values where known, and a column for 'Y' web safe.

Is there already such a swatch guide entry, sort by colour appearance?

Or all the dark colours > mid-range > light even?

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A753013 - Colour Names

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"Is there already such a swatch guide entry, sort by colour appearance?"

There very nearly was one! smiley - biggrin I prepared much of such a page off-line but never uploaded it to the guide in the end. My focus was initially on making the choice of related and sympathetic colours for a custom brunel page easier though it would naturally have applications in prettifying TABLEs. I have other similar pages (real paper, HTML and GIFs) for my own reference which aren't aimed at GuideML users.

A753013 - Colour Names

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Jab [Since 29th November 2002]

Right, a trip to the libray for HTML books with printed color charts it is then.

Then to create a spreadsheet, with a column for 'eye' assigned value, and 'band' for sort by column testing.

Anyway If I may comment about A315801 'web safe colour info'... It would be nice if it pointed to charts A529716 and A623242 near the top, then the actual info re: safe values, then the history lesson ending with the HTML named list A753013. Then people only need LINK to one page as a starting point?

A753013 - Colour Names

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Jab [Since 29th November 2002]

smiley - blushA529715 and a book on "how to type in the libra_r_y."

*preview* *preview* *preview*

A753013 - Colour Names

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My typing has become noticeably worse since contributing to h2g2. I think it is a combination of seeing the general slack standards all round and trying to "compete" in reply times on a hideously slow connection with all these over-priveleged school/college/work broadband users.

Note that, as an Edited Guide entry, A315901 is officially *not* *permitted* to link to any normal guide entry. This wouldn't be the place to suggest that anyway.

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