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The Acrostic Poem has been a long-standing challenge, mainly between B'Elana and PedanticBarSteward. However, we've decided to open up the idea to anyone who would like to take part, as a regular poetry challenge.

The word chosen each time is the Telegram Game's current word, so if you join in or subscribe to the telegram game you'll know as soon as it's announced. When you've completed your poem, submit it by posting to a new thread below, and we'll put the best of them together in the next issue.

Have fun!


Dmitri Gheorgheni

Time was that youth coursed in the blood,
When words and music thrilled,
Each insight was a blinding flood,
No thought or yearning stilled.
Those feelings are now so far away,
Yet twenty seems like yesterday.

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Teenagers are a special breed,
What with the things they think they need;
Each to their own is what I say,
Not a lot else will make them stay.
Time flies and soon they'll spread their wings
Yearning for what their future brings.

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Thoughts of nostalgia worry my brain,

What things I remember again and again,
Everything seems to have gone down the drain,
Now that computers record the whole skein,
Total recall's the name of the game
Yesterday never will be quite the same.

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