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hi awix

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

for the first time in weeks i have found time to read some of the post.

nice review, i might watch this when it comes on tely, it sounds quite good. unless i can pursuade my mum to rent the video, it's probably the sort of thing she would like.

i await your opinion of episode II with great eagernesssmiley - winkeye


hi awix

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Hi FABT - I was just wondering what had happened to you!

Now 24 hours ago I'd've said I awaited Episode II with great eagerness - but I must be suffering from too much hype or a Star Wars overdose because (much to my surprise, seeing as I love it so) I find myself suddenly sick of the whole franchise. My enthusiasm seems to have peaked a week too early. Not even the first 'proper' review in the paper (apparently it's written in crayon, Natalie Portman can't act and Anakin looks like Bambi) was able to pep me up.

This is possibly due to the fact that two of my colleagues at work have been cheerfully discussing how they're going to download pirate copies of the movie off the net this weekend, so I'm living in dread of having the plot spoiled for me by endless discussions of every detail next week (and I can't *abide* that kind of piracy, it's basically just theft by another name).

So I'm having an entirely SW-free weekend and praying for a big modem snarl-up (or a brief, mild, but contagious illness for myself to get next M, T, W & Th off work) in the hope that my love of all things Star Warsy returns before next Thursday night. Fingers crossed.

hi awix

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

well, i hope it works out for you.

i read in our paper that this anakin is way better than the last one and does seem to be able to carry the slight;y crazed nastiness side of the character off.

but i agree that nat cant act. mind you, if you look like she does then does it matter if you can act...someones bound to give you money.

bright girl though she is, she speaks god knows how many languages and stuff. sick isnt it?


hi awix

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Well, she may be a brilliant, famous, attractive (I expect) movie star, but is she really happy? smiley - smiley

The new Anakin has that sort of James Dean-y thing going on with him which is really what the part needs. Let's face it, Star Wars movies aren't exactly driven along by Oscar-worthy performances.

Sorry about the earlier (slightly freaky) rant, by the way, I was tired and a bit a stressed out when I posted it...

hi awix

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

smiley - cheerup

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hi awix

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