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Last week TIMELORD set you a Discworld quiz. Sadly this didn't quite attract the response we expected so, yet again, Spook wins by default by scoring 0/10. Yet again his answers were funny, but sadly all wrong!

  1.  Q: Who invented banged grains?

     A: Thomas Silversmith

  2.  Q: On what date is Hogwatch Day?

     A: 31/12 (New Years Eve not Christmas Eve)

  3.  Q: Crime Code is murder by what?

     A: Magic (Outside of Unseen University where it is still called 'promotion')

  4.  Q: What book does old Mericet refer to as 'The Guide to the Turf'?

     A: Twurps Peerage

  5.  Q: What was the title of Twoflower's book?

     A: What I Did on My Holidays

  6.  Q: What are Golden Deceivers and Tabby Cowpers?

     A: Swamp Dragons

  7.  Q: What is the name of the 'Hall of the Gods'?

     A: Dunmanifestin'

       7+1 Q: What is written on Rincewind's hat?

                A: WIZZARD

      9     Q: What 4 letters are on a Discworld compass?

                A: H, W, R, T

    10    Q: What do cartographers refer to as MMBU?

               A: Miles and miles of bloody Uberwald


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