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Last week TIMELORD set you a film quiz. The winner was Polidari Wormwood who scored an impressive 9/10 and wasn't caught out by the trick question, number 10. Granny Weatherwax managed a very credible 6/10. Congratulations to both!

  1. Q: Which film saw James Cagney  'On top of the world ma'
    A: White Heat

  2. Q: Which film role was played by both Elvis and Bogart?
    A: Kid Galahad1

  3. Q: Which film is based around the play 'Springtime For Hitler?
    A: The Producers

  4. Q: Which film was about a horse called Pye?
    A: National Velvet

  5. Q: What was the sequel to Love Story?
    A: Olivers' Story

  6. Q: Who first played The Saint?
    A: Louis Haywood

  7. Q: What was the sequel to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?
    A: Wanted: The Sundance Woman2

  8. Q: In Ice Cold in Alex what was the nickname of the ambulance?
    A: Katy

  9. Q: What was Peter Seller's first film?
    A: Penny Points to Paradise

  10. Q: In which 1955 film did James Cagney play George M. Cohan?
    A: The Seven Little Foys


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1I did get this wrong as they played different roles but the book I got it from said they played the same role! I did check that they were both in different versions but not which role they played - sorry2Butch and Sundance, The Early Years was, of course, a prequel.

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