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Last week TIMELORD set you a quiz on The X Files. The winner was Spook who didn't shine with a high score but certainly has persevered enough answering the quizzes to deserve a result finally. Besides, Timelord says that Spook's replies make him laugh so a worthy winner indeed.smiley - smiley

  1. Q: What name did Susanne Modeski use when she first met the Lone Gunmen?
    A: Holly Modeski

  2. Q: Were did Clyde Bruckman work?
    A: General Mutual

  3. Q: Lt Con Marcus Belt did a space walk on which mission?
    A: Gemini 8

  4. Q: What pen name did Mulder use?
    A: MF Luder

  5. Q: What subject did Dr Sally Kendrick get her doctorate in?
    A: Bio genetics

  6. Q: What was the name of the Fourth Lone Gunman?
    A: The Thinker

  7. Q: How long had Scully work for the FBI before she started working on the X-files?
    A: Two years

  8. Q: What was the name of the doctor who used 'regression hypnosis' on Mulder?
    A: Heintz Webber

  9. Q: What university did Mulder go to?
    A: Oxford

  10. Q: What was the name of the doctor who was studying cockroaches?
    A: Dr Bambi Berenbaum


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