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Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

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Researcher 187236

- Researcher: GoRan;

- U187236;

- A661637;

- The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995;

- Brief Description: I intend on covering a missing spot within the Guide, namely, the Yugoslav affairs after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe in 1989. The topic concerns the rise of nationalism within the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (or SFRY).

- Specific topics: The project will include the ressurection of the Serbian nationalism; brief overview of the uses to which Milosevic, the new Serbian leader, has put it; the Serbo-montenegrin aggression on the sovereign Republic of Croatia in 1991; the Serbo-montenegrin aggression on the sovereign Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina; the main characteristics of these two aggressions--ethnic cleansing; the final US/NATO involvement & the turn of the tide in 1993-1995; the Croatian operation "Storm" in 1995; and the Dayton Aggreement in 1995.

- The list of entry titles: (1) The Rise of Serbian Nationalism in 1980; (2) A Reaction: The Slovene and Croat Declarations of Independence; (3)The Serbo-Montenegrin Aggression on Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina; (4) Chronic Incompetence: The Interwar EU Diplomatic Efforts; (5) The US/NATO Involvement; (6) The Conclusion of the War and the Dayton Aggreement.

- Proposed Start Date: 23rd November 2001.

- Proposed Finish Date: 14th December 2001. Or just before the Christmas. I feel I can do this project in half of the suggested six weeks, since I am a fourth-year student of political science. I have studied the Yugoslav Wars in great detail, which is why six weeks are plain redundant.


Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

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Researcher 187236


Is anybody there!?? Aw! Is it drafty in here or what? smiley - smiley


Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

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Hi GoRan,

Good idea for a project. You're right too - there should be something in the Guide about this, so go right ahead.

I'll add you to the Military & Warfare Studies Departments on the Faculty of Social Sciences page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A612299

smiley - cheers

Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

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Researcher 187236

As you wish Chris...

Thanks for the comments. However, this topic is firmly within the political science department, I would have to inform you. War is merely phenomenological in this issue, and as such I will not be examining, for example, what type of military was being used to bombard Sarajevo... That is more-less irrelevant. I do not know if you have read my description, but the project will involve the study of nationalism, Serbian in particular... the study of the communist legacies, submerged inter-ethnic tensions, political environment...

I would really classify this as a definite political science project!

Best Regards,

Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

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As you wish, GoRan... smiley - smiley

Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

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Researcher 187236

Dear Chris,

I am postponing my project until six weeks from now due to the unexpected amount of essay assignments for the finals as well as the Christmas holidays...

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

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Hi GoRan,

No problem at all. Good luck with everything. smiley - smiley

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Project: The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995 - Abandoned

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Researcher: GoRan- U187236

Project Page: A661637- The Yugoslav Wars of 1991-1995

A662528 Yugoslavia: Introduction
A662546 The Rise of Serbian Nationalism
A662555 The Serbo-Montenegrin Aggression on Croatia
A662564 The Serbian Aggression on Bosnia-Herzegovina
A662573 The EU Diplomatic Efforts During the Wars in Yugoslavia
A662582 The US/NATO Involvement: Dayton Agreement

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