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Project: World Wars

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Project: World Wars

I'd like to cover all the different things to do with the 2 world wars.

Start Date: TBA

End Date: 6 weeks later

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Project: World Wars

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World Service Memoryshare team

Hey Spook,

I've added you to the department of history at A611218 Good luck with the project and let me know when you've finished smiley - ok

Project: World Wars

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i'm afraid i'm gonna have to cancel this project. i have another couple of uni projects to work on and really don't have time for this one. i was working on an entry i was gona beak up for this project, but now i will simple finish that entry and submit it to pr.

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Project: World Wars - Complete

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Researcher: U183955 - spook

Project Page: A751196 - World Wars

A703568 - Causes of the Second World War
A828272 - The Treaty of Versailles
A828281 - The Dawes Plan
A828290 - The Great Depression
A828308 - The League of Nations
A828317 - Hitler's Foreign Policy
A828326 - Appeasement

Combined to create Edited Entry:
A1000774 - Principal Causes of the Second World War


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