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The divide in our eastern neighbour

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Ozzie Exile

The accent in Somerset is split in two. The boundary is an ancient one, the River Parrett. To the east, its basically Anglo-Saxon, to the west, its more closely aligned to Devon (& Cornwall)


Sadly, it seems local accents are fading away....

The divide in our eastern neighbour

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This ties in with Bryan Sykes's DNA findings in his book "Blood of the Isles, and with the geographic boundaries of the old British kingdom of Dumnonia.

In the South West (Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset), Sykes found that the R1b Y-Chromosome Haplogroup accounted for 78.2% of the male population, whereas in the South (which includes East Somerset and Dorset), the percentage drops to 57.7%. However, nowhere in England does the percentage drop below 51.2% (in East Anglia). Oppenheimer concludes that the 5th/6th century Anglo-Saxon incursions accounted for no more than 5% of the English population.

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The divide in our eastern neighbour

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