Enter The Saint by Leslie Charteris

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The Man who was Clever


Tommy Mitre (a character of little further consequence in this story) has his money forcefully removed from him by "Snake" Ganning and his gang, The Saint sees this and by his own methods retrieves it. "Snake" Ganning reports back to Edgar Hayn about this event.

As it happens The Saint is already after Edgar Hayn for various reasons. After an encounter with The Saint, Jerry Stannard, a young man who has fallen into bad circles and heavy debt to the afore mentioned, becomes The Saint's inside man. The Saint goes on to ruffle Hayn's feathers and at the same time finds out about Hayn's European counterpart, Chastel. The Saint contacts Norman Kent, who is on the continent to dispatch with Chastel, this isn't specified as to how but the fact it has been done is later referred to in the story the Logical Adventure in the book, Featuring The Saint.

At the same time Hayn tries to cultivate a friendship with Gwen Chandler who is Stannard's lady. He plys her with gifts from his beauty products shop. Laserre, but all is not as it seems with these gifts. There are more machinations and Gwen ends up being kidnapped along with The Saint and Dicky Tremayne. Roger Conway and Jerry Stannard have to help rescue them.


The Other Saints: Norman Kent, Roger Conway, Patricia Holm, Dicky Tremayne

Ungodly: Mr "Snake" Ganning and his Boys (Ted, Bill and Mario), Mr Edgar Hayn, Danny Trask, Mr Braddon, M. Henri Chastel

The Law: Inspector Teal

Others: Tommy Mitre, Jerry Stannard, Gwen Chandler

The Policeman with Wings


Roger meets a girl called Betty in Torquay. Betty lives with her Uncle, Sebastian. Her uncle was offered a lot of money for his house but refused to sell. He was then shot at (uninjured) and his car was tampered with. He then went missing after a policeman came to the house and asked the uncle to go with him to the police station for an interview.

The Saint and Roger decide to visit Betty but upon arriving it appears she has been spritied away too.They managed to catch up with the abducter and captive. They remove both to a pub hotel which just happened to be run by Roger.

Roger is left to get information out of the abducter in the porters room of the hotel. Whilst the Saint explained what was going on the Betty once she had recovered.


The Other Saints: Orace, Roger Conway,

Ungodly: Gilbert Neave, "Slinky" Dyson, "Spider" Sleat,

The Law: Inspector Teal

Others: Sebastian Aldo, Betty Aldo,

The Lawless Lady



The Other Saints:


The Law:


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