List of "The Saint" Books

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LC stands for Leslie Charteris
TitleAlternative TitleAuthor(s)Year
The Saint meets the TigerMeet the TigerLC1928
The Saint Closes the CaseThe Last HeroLC1929
Enter The Saint LC1930
The Avenging SaintKnight TemplarLC1930
Featuring The Saint LC1931
Alias The Saint LC1931
The Saint Meets His MatchShe was a Lady/Angels of DoomLC1932
The Saint verses Scotland YardThe Holy TerrorLC1932
The Saint's GetawayGetawayLC1932
The Saint and Mr TealOnce More The SaintLC1933
The Brighter Buccaneer LC1933
The Saint in LondonThe Misfortunes of Mr Teal/The Saint in EnglandLC1934
The Saint IntervenesBoodleLC1934
The Saint Goes On LC1934
The Saint in New York LC1935
Saint OverboardThe Pirate SaintLC1936
The Ace of KnavesThe Saint in ActionLC1937
The Saint Bids DiamondsThieves' Picnic/The Saint at the Thieves' PicnicLC1937
The Saint Plays with FirePrelude for WarLC1938
Follow The Saint LC1939
The Happy Highwayman LC1939
The Saint in Miami LC1941
The Saint Goes West LC1942
The Saint Steps In LC1944
The Saint On Guard LC1945
The Saint Sees it Through LC1947
Call for The Saint LC1948
Saint Errant LC1949
The Saint in Europe LC1954
The Saint on the Spanish Main LC 1955
The Saint Around the World LC1957
Thanks to The Saint LC1958
Senor Saint LC1959
The Saint to the Rescue LC1961
Trust The Saint LC1962
The Saint in the Sun LC1964
Vendetta for The Saint Harry Harrison and LC1965
The Saint on TV Flemming Lee and John Kurse1968
The Saint Returns Flemming Lee, Dr Motton, Leigh Vance and John Kruse1969
The Saint and the Fiction Makers Flemming Lee and John Kurse1969
The Saint Abroad Flemming Lee and Micheal Pertwee1970
The Saint in Pursuit Flemming Lee and LC1970
The Saint and the People Importers Flemming Lee and LC1973
Catch The Saint Flemming Lee and Norman Worker1975
The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace Christopher Short1976
Send for The Saint Peter Bloxsom, John Kruse and Donald James1977
The Saint in Trouble Graham Weaver, John Kurse and Terence Feely1979
The Saint and the Templar Treasure Graham Weaver and Donna Avenell1979
Count on The Saint Graham Weaver and Donna Avenell1980
Salvage for The Saint Peter Bloxsom and John Kurse1983
The Saint (movie novelization) Burl Barer and Jonathon Hensleigh1997
Capture The Saint Burl Barer1997

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