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This week TIMELORD brings you a general knowledge quiz. Test your knowledge, rack your brains and then send your answers to [email protected] before 13.03.2002.

  1. Q: What title did Cedric Errol inherit?

  2. Q: What is the name of the crown that Queen Elizabeth II was crowned with?

  3. Q: Which 1952 film started at 10.40 am?

  4. Q: In which book and film would you find Alec Leamas?

  5. Q: Who sang To Sir With Love?

  6. Q: Name the 5 classic horse races in Britain.

  7. Q: 'Half a league, half a league, half a league onward all in the valley of death rode the six hundred', but how far was a league?

  8. Q: What is the highest hand in poker if 2s are wild?

  9. Q: Who was the first person to get a 16 red clearance at snooker?

  10. Q: What newspaper did Amos write for in Emmerdale Farm?


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