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Well, quite a tricky quiz all round as TIMELORD found out too late that there were alternative answers to questions one and seven. Peet got 9/10, Moo got 8/10 - fell for the trick question, number two and answered Sunnydale Razorbacks1. Madent did well this week by not getting a single question wrong but didn't give the full right answer to number seven, so is awarded 9/10. The joint winners are, therefore, Madent and Peet.

  1. Q: What is Buffy's date of birth?

    A: 6/5/79 was the answer Timelord had but it appears to keep changing. 1981 is the year on her gravestone and, at one point, the date 24/10/80 was used

  2. Q: What was the name of the basketball team that Buffy was a cheerleader for?
    A: Hemery Hogs

  3. Q: What food is Tara allergic to?
    A: Shrimp

  4. Q: What was the name of the demon that took over the internet?
    A: Moloch

  5. Q: What was Riley's radio call sign?
    A: Lilac One

  6. Q: Why did Xander and Willow first break up?
    A: He stole her Barbie doll

  7. Q: What is Anya's full name?
    A: Anyanka Emerson or Anyanka Christina Emmanuelle Jenkins

  8. Q: From what demon did Adam get his spiked arm?
    A: Polgara

  9. Q: What was the emergency shut down code for 'The Initiative'?
    A: X H 4 J 7

  10. Q: Where did Spike kill his first slayer?
    A: China


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1Buffy made the reserves of the Sunnydale Razorbacks (in the TV
series) but she never actually did any cheerleading for them.

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