The Misplaced Altruism Of A Cretinous British Public

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Hunting, then. Fun for some, evil for others (except in the US where no one really seems to care). An issue that seems to polarise Brits, and one highly contentious as Scotland moves to ban it.

Many people think that it is sheer cruelty to set dogs on ickle bittie cutsie wootsie animals. They live in cities. People who actually go hunting, on the other hand, live in the country. They say that it is a necessary evil, and the best way to get rid of a dangerous pest. Few people who live on farms are anti – hunting. Those that do are former city-dwelling morons with a perverted sense of priorities.

The animal rights movement in Britain is basically a bunch of penis envying fools who secretly want to be rich and have BMWs, but dress this desire up, consciously or unconsciously, as attacks on their class enemies' ways of life. Such is the state of our country and the world in general that most people in Britain are more interested in donating money to stop important medical tests on helpless little lovebundles than they are in, say, feeding starving Africans or stopping people going around and killing other people.

Do I hear the words 'get your priorities right'? Evidently not enough. Oh no, because it is far more important that some little furry rodents are cared for than any dirty Muslims are fed. Better not to think of them, because really it's our fault that they are in the situation in the first place. Perhaps if we ignore them they will go away.

But Shocking Animal Cruelty refuses to go away. Never mind the fact that country dwellers need, they say (and let's face it, they are best placed to know), to hunt, or that perhaps human lives will be saved ahead of animals. No, this doesn't matter because they are so adorable!

Thus Britain is in the throes of a counter productive revolution. Sweaty, unwashed eco-terrorists have free reign to terrorise anyone they feel is associated (even by the most tenuous of links) with 'animal cruelty', funded by the sandal-wearing , turtleneck-clad jangly-earring brigade. 'Oh, but we buy Fair Trade coffee!' F*** off!

Do something right with your lives. Say 'no' to idiocy.

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