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At universities across the United States, college students hustle and bustle about trying to avoid their final examinations. Final exams loom. A very stressful time for students across the world! They follow. Students try to have fun then all of the sudden this eery silence and smell wafts into the room. People start to shuffle about and get tense. Final they make a guilty break to the door to go to their room and procrastinate in safety there. Study preparation begins. First, the cleansing of the room. Then the snack. Then, a few phone calls. Then the obligatory bathroom stop. The repetitive email check. After this, a search for pencils and maybe even the book that will be used at some later time. Finally studying begins(maybe). After an hour or so, the studying falters. Stress racks the body and extreme fatigue shows it self. (even if its only dinner time)
Then students rally together against this and start to randomly rip things apart, steal and beat on the other students. **To Combat this** The universities themselves started an odd tradition to try to help the students with the stress of finals and life in general. This is a tradition in many schools now. It is called the 11:00 SCREAM! At 11:00 weary, restless, murderous students go out side and scream their lungs out together. It sort of sounds like a primevil death scream. They do this for a good ten minutes. Of course, there are the lollygaggers who straggle in screaming at 11:30, sometimes even until 4 o clock in the morning. Very odd, indeed. I'm sure some poor soul just taking a leisurely stroll through a divinely peaceful campus gets a thorough scare, when not expecting the screams. They might think its a large slaughter going on or something. Well its not. Its only the 11:00 SCREAM!! Totally harmless.

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