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The Achille Lauro

Hello. My name is Emma and I go on cruises. Mostly, so far on P&O ships out of Southampton, but other perfectly good cruise companies are available. ;-) When I can, I con my parents into paying for my ticket.

When I travel, I blog. If you would like to read it all, it can be found at my PS. The Post have asked me to proffer some edited highlights of my ramblings, which I shall now inflict on you forthwith. Enjoy.

Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma. This is the song that made Pavarotti cool. The one used for the World Cup all those years ago. Last century, in fact, heaven help us. It means "None shall sleep" and is a love song about how he isn't going to rest and isn't going to let anyone else rest until he gets the girl. Well, Nessun Dorma day on cruise ships seems to be Sundays. If you're not woken at 10am by the church bells chiming (which is unspeakably odd the first time it happens to you, I have to tell you), you're wrenched upright half an hour later by an emergency announcement to do with some cock-up or other with Hong Kong immigration. And then again, an hour later by the Captain telling you that, due to another cock-up, we will be leaving HK later than planned on Tuesday. All very nice to know, but do you have to blast it into me like Foghorn Leghorn is standing on my chest? Personally, I believe Sunday mornings are for lie-ins. On cruises, I believe EVERY morning is for lie-ins but especially so on Sundays, cos I don't have to get up and go to church, so I feel that little bit more decadent knowing that others are up and about and I'm not. No chance, matey. Not a sausage. Not a snowball's chance. You're going to be up and about and awake if we have to render you deaf in the process. No sirree. No layabeds allowed here. Tsk. Perish the thought. What WAS I thinking? Well, what I was thinking was actually, "Yay, a sea day and the clocks go forward, so I can have a lie-in to catch up on the lost hour and maybe I won't feel like poo for three days afterwards". Is what I was actually thinking. But nope. Nessun Dorma, mate. Nessun Dorma. Not on your nelly, matey. God may have rested on the seventh day, but you? Not you, love. Not if we can help it.

Sorry, getting a bit ranty there...

I've done something to my back. I kid you not. We are not doing well health-wise on this cruise! Coughs, colds, broken wrists, ear infections, toothache and now back ache! We're a farce, the three of us! I woke up today (/was woken) to find my lower back had completely seized up. I could barely reach to put my shoes on. I had a massage in the afternoon, which helped considerably, but I've booked another one for tomorrow, just to be sure. I reckon it was the seats on the junk cruise, which were comfortable, but oddly shaped. Luckily there is Gabriel and his wonderful hands. Marvellous. Just need to remember to be careful at the deck party tonight, as well as on the tours tomorrow. Yes, tours, plural, heaven help us. 8am til 2pm and 4pm to 10pm. Ludicrous, really. We are in HK for two days, though, so the second day will be a far more leisurely, and more importantly, SHOPPING experience. I've made a shopping list. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I also hope there's enough room on my credit card! Watch this space - any bankruptcy notice will be posted here first!

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