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Looks like Granny Weatherwax is this weeks winner with 10/10!

The ego returns (Awix) got 9/10. The dodgy last answer was wrong Awix - it was the nidus that Rothgo was looking for. But you were right about being wrong (if that makes sense) in that it was the last series that they were looking for the Scarabeus but, by then, Rothgo had been replaced by Lazlo.

Here are the correct answers!

  1. Q: What were the names of the 3 robots in 'Silent Running'?
    A: Huey, Duey and Louie

  2. Q: Who played 'Superman' in the 1950's TV series?
    A: George Reeves

  3. Q: Who returned in 1983 for the '15 Year Later Affair'?
    A: The Man From Uncle

  4. Q: Which robots did the writer Philip Levine write about being created by Dr Armstrong?
    A: Pabulum Robots/Cybernaughts

  5. Q: Who used the pen name 'Robin Bland' for a Doctor Who story?
    A: Terrance Dicks

  6. Q: What sport did 'Jaime Summers' play before her accident?
    A: Tennis

  7. Q: In which TV series did Robert England play an alien called Willie?
    A: 'V'

  8. Q: Who played 'Wonder Woman' in the 1974 pilot before being replaced for the series?
    A: Cathy Lee Crosby

  9. Q: How was Ralph Hinkley described in the title of an 1981 series?
    A: The Greatest American Hero

  10. Q: What were 'Rothgo' and 'Belor' looking for in the Labyrinth?
    A: The Nidus


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