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Movie Godzilla1 is a simple game with the potential for nearly endless hours of entertainment. Any number of people can participate, there is no special equipment, and the rules are minimal.

How to Play

Taking turns in no particular order, each person names a movie, substituting the word 'Godzilla' for any word in the movie's title.

For example...

  • 'The Heart is a Lonely Godzilla'

  • 'Guess Who's Godzilla to Dinner'

  • 'The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Godzilla'

  • 'My Own Private Godzilla'

The longer the game goes on, and the more people that are involved, the more difficult it becomes as players try to think up titles that have not been previously mentioned2
. Players must think carefully: the challenge is not merely to come up with a new movie title, but to come up with the next best movie title; the one that will send everyone into spasms of laughter from which they may never recover.

To make it even more challenging, players may agree to restrict titles to a specific category, such as 'Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees' or 'Filmed in Canada'.

If movies are not the company's forte, try Book Godzilla, Song Godzilla, TV Godzilla, or Shakespeare Godzilla.

Other Variants


Substitute the word 'knob' for 'heart' or 'love' in the title of a song.
For example...

  • 'Two Knobs are Better (Than Just One Mind)'

  • 'Sweetknobs on Parade'

  • 'Tainted Knob'

Sausage and Banana

The goal is to replace all the words in normal speech that begin with 's' with the word 'sausage', and all words that begin with 'b' with the word 'banana'.

Thus, one of the main texts I refer to in my drawing class is Banana Edwards' 'Drawing on the Right Sausage of the Banana'.

I ask that the sausages keep their portfolios and sausages neat and tidy.

If they want to use a sausage fixative (which is quite toxic), they ought to use the sausage banana in the woodshop.

All work must be sausaged flat; oversized newsprint sausages may banana rolled.'

Players can also apply the rule as they read aloud passages of text.

Between the Sheets

This game is played at the end of the meal in a Chinese restaurant, after the fortune cookies arrive. Each person reads their fortune aloud, adding 'between the sheets' at the end.
For example...

  • 'An empty stomach is not a good political adviser between the sheets.'

  • 'Cooperation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway between the sheets.'

  • 'Your genuine talent will find its way to success between the sheets.'


With additional ideas from:

24.01.02. Front Page

Back Issue Page

1Movie Godzilla was first suggested to this researcher by her good friend Big Al, of Big Al's Canned Horse Artist Society, one cold night in December. They and two others commenced a gut-wrenching game which lasted well over an hour.2Though originally played as a 'dry' game, the introduction of alcohol adds a pleasant twist and an intriguing handicap.

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