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I read an argument somewhere once about buttered toast and cats. It went something like this:

"Buttered toast, when dropped, always lands butter side down. It has been proven time after time in tests and out in the field. No one knows what mystical force is drawn upon when spreading one side with butter, thusly enabling fate to decide which side the toast lands on if dropped. It just happens. Now what would happen if the person preparing this buttered toast where to butter both sides and the toast were dropped? Seeing as it can only land butter side down, would the toast then suspend in mid air, not completing its descent to its unalterable fate?"

The same effect can be assumed, in theory, to occur with cats. When cats fall, as the old saying goes, they always land on their feet. So what would happen if a piece of toast, buttered on one side, were strapped to a felines back, and the entire contraption dropped from a reasonable height? Would the buttered toast land butter side down, or would it be the cat who would land feet first? Or would it be neither, as, instead, you have invented anti gravity and the cat/toast fly away into the sunset (or until the birds have their revenge on the cat)?

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