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Hi! I've started writing a regular weekly comics review column, called Speech Bubble Burst in the H2G2 Post. Every week, I shall be taking a look at the most notable new release in the world of comics and telling you exactly what I think.

Here's my 'mission statement', reproduced from my first review:

...My intention with these reviews is to look at one new issue or collection of issues a week. These reviews will be mainly aimed at people who don't read many or any comics, so I shall strive not to get too technical, obscure or plain nerdy. smiley - winkeye

I shall also attempt to include every week my choice for next week's review, based on the comics shipping lists for the forthcoming week, so people might be able to look out for it in advance or request a different subject for review. The comic I choose to review... will be based on what I feel is the most high profile or worthy comic of a week. So, this means I would choose to review the first new issue by a respected creator ahead of
X-Men #654321.

This page is going to be an index and archive of sorts, so I'll post the new article links every week as they become available.

Once the column is up and running, I have plans to expand it a little by adding maybe a few more single issue reviews every week (time pending), and a review of a significant collected body of comics work or graphic novel that I think people should know about, such as Lone Wolf and Cub or Transmetropolitan, for example.

This will be more of a recommendation than a straight review, but I think it will balance the new issue reviews nicely, as these recommendations will always feature work that can be found in most good comics shops and bookshops with a sizable graphic novels section. Hopefully it would be a good source of information for people who haven't read that many comics, but might want to try reading a collected story that is of genuinely good quality.

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