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An h3g2 Christmas

Come give good cheer smiley - cheers

For Christmas smiley - holly is here

And Santa smiley - santa his sleigh and his reindeer too smiley - reindeer

Are flying through the winter sky, just for you

And for everyone whom you hold dear.

(He seems to come earlier every year). smiley - hug

Let the tills ring out in every shop

For the Christmas smiley - holly Rush will never stop

Till every last present(no pun intended)

Is bought, ready to take back and be replaced or mended

As soon as Christmas smiley - holly disappears

And we're ready for the Sales, and a guid New Year
smiley - stiffdrinksmiley - stiffdrink

Charge your glasses smiley - bubbly , join the feast smiley - chocsmiley - burgersmiley - cake

Put pretty lights on your Christmas trees smiley - xmastreesmiley - xmastree

Eat your turkey for many a day

In sandwiches. Make snowmen too smiley - snowmansmiley - snowman

Of plasticine if you have to

If you live in Australia or New Zealand or similar parts

Of the world where the snow never seems to start

At least not at the proper time, mate

Because of the latitude or the climate

And raise your glasses smiley - alesmiley - stoutsmiley - stiffdrink to the child

Who was kind and good, and meek and mild, smiley - tea

(Not like the sort we have round here)

Have a great h3g2 Christmas smiley - holly Every One,

(The Ho Ho Ho Guide to the Galaxy) smiley - santa

And here's to as few hangovers as possible when it's done,

when it's hopefully

Another set of Wonderful memories,

(For those who can remember any of it). smiley - cdouble

smiley - xmaspudsmiley - xmastreesmiley - elfsmiley - snowmansmiley - fairysmiley - santasmiley - xmaspudsmiley - xmastreesmiley - elfsmiley - snowmansmiley - fairysmiley - santa

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