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Hot on the heels of the popular Dr Who quiz, The Post is pleased to bring you another one with a sci-fi

series theme. TIMELORD has kindly put together this quiz. Please send your entries to [email protected] before 19.12.2001.

  1. Doctor Bashir was the youngest person ever nominated for which award?

  2. Curzon Dax once set fire to which bar to win a bet?

  3. What is/will be the title of Jake Sisko's first novel?

  4. Sisko, O'Brian and Odo took part in the 'Order of the Bat'leth' ceremony on which


  5. Which actor won a 'Tony Award' for the play Coco?

  6. After graduating, which ship was Sisko's first assignment?

  7. What was the name of Rom's first wife?

  8. When 500 Klingon warriors stormed the great hall at 'Qam-chee', who defeated them?

  9. What baseball team does Kasidy Yates' brother play for?

  10. What is the 44th rule of acquisition?


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