Windows Live Messenger (Version 2009) - Basic Use

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Basic Use

Step 1 - Signing In

Open the program "Windows Live Messenger"

Click the mouse inside the first text box and type your Windows Live ID e.g. [email protected] Click on the text box below the first one and type in your Windows Live ID password. Click "Sign In".

Step 2 - Contacts

To add a contact click "Contacts" (Up on the menu bar, if the menu bar is hidden press alt first). then click "Add a contact...". Alternatively there is an icon that links directly there at the top of your contacts list next to the search bar.
Once in add the desired persons instant messaging address or in 99% of cases their E-mail address, then you can choose whether you want to add their mobile number. The last box you can add this particular person to a group (Default groups are Friends, Family, Favorites and Other Contacts) and you can switch them to a different group at a later stage.
Click "Next". It will go to another screen asking if you would like to send the person a short message, who you are is usually a recommended idea here and if you would like to send them an E-mail as well. You can either send a short message or leave it all blank, it doesn't really matter.
Click "Send Invitation". After the loading screen finishes click close, there are a few other option you can look into on that page but we wont deal with them here.

Step 3 - Starting, maintaining and finishing a conversation

Double click on any of your online contacts, if none are online then you can leave an instant message for them but they wont reply until they do come online.
Once the dialogue box is up click in the "talk box" (located down the bottom of the dialogue box, above the bunch of little icons) once the cursor is flashing you can type what you want to say to the person who you want to say it to and then hit the enter key.
Presumably they will reply back and you repeat the process until they leave or you need to leave, or sometimes both.
Once the conversation is over click the "X" (it lights up red when the cursor is over it) box at the extreme top right corner of the conversation box to close the conversation box.

Step 4 - Signing out

Click "File" (again you might have to press alt first if the menu bar is hidden)and then "Sign out". after Windows Live Messenger has signed out click the "X" at the top right hand corner to close it.


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