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No-one's asked for it, but here it is anyway - an archive of links to the widely-ignored h2g2 Post column 24LAS, which now also features the odd review that didn't make it into the Post proper for one reason or another.

Being an industrious fellow, I often cover more than one topic per column, but being technically incompetent I've not yet cracked the art of making the following links jump exactly to the bit you may be looking for. Thank heavens for the scroll feature, eh readers?

The reviews are broken down by genre (fairly arbitrarily, but hey, it's my archive and I'll do what I like with it). I did consider listing each film in every category it qualified for (eg, Men in Black 2 would show up under Comedy and Dumb Sci-Fi). But I couldn't be bothered. Volunteers for this fairly tedious job please apply below...

(And yes, films from the same franchise all go in the same section whether they strictly qualify or not. Hence The Matrix Revolutions's presence in the intelligent SF category...)

Feature Presentations

Comedy (Supposedly)

Creature Features

Ev'rybody Was Kung Fu Fighting


Frock Therapy

****ed If I Know

High-Class Drama (Incongruous, Wot?)

I Blame Hugh Grant (Romantic Comedies)


Marvels of the Silver Screen...

...and their Distinguished Competition

Mostly Cobblers

Neither Fish nor Fowl (Comedy-Drama)

Non-Fictitious Times

Once More, With Feeling (Musicals)

Punching, Shooting and Shouting

Skiffy (Dumb)

Skiffy (Intelligent)

Swords But No Sorcery

Things That Make You Go 'Gaah!'

They Certainly Don't Make As Many Westerns As They Used To...

Very Possibly The Worst Film Ever Made

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