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So - here is a summary of the drool thread. Well, more a list of people that the participating ladies have mentioned. With links to pictures for us all to make our own minds up. Or just drool. Don't be surprised that a lot of the characters are from science fiction series - this seems to be the main source - delivered weekly, or even daily, into your own home.

Picture the Scene

So, imagine half a dozen 40-something females with a TV and video and endless cups of tea - main item of wardrobe being bibs for collecting drool, which frequently need changing!

(If there are any men listening in: eat your hearts out, buddies - this is serious hard-core drooling and not for mere mortals)

We overhear the odd snippet of conversation:

"Do you think we should campaign for a drool smiley?"

"So many good looking men to talk about and as there usually pretty girlies in these series as well there are no arguments as to what to watch!"

"If I come across any other noteworthy drool-inducing totty I will inform her of this thread immediately. In fact, I think we all should swear some kind of allegiance, to let each other know, so we can drool and discuss later"

"I'm married. Although my husband is working most evenings leaving me to letch with abandon."

"I have kids older than him! (Shane of Westlife)"

"I dream of being kissed like my heroes kiss their women."

"Incidentally, how come Brits frequently portray the "baddies" in US television series or films? Is it the accent or just the calibre of our actors? Does anyone remember the sexy Alan Rickman up-staging Kevin Costner in "Robin Hood" as the Sheriff of Nottingham and he was absolutely brilliant in that film with Bruce Willis...What was it called now? It had lots of buildings, cars and planes exploding...)"

"... so I confessed and he has now promised to buy me a flasher's mac for Crimbo!"

"When I fantasise about a 'phone acquaintance, he is usually tall, dark and handsome until proved otherwise. *Wanders off for a very cold showers muttering something about nice young men with muscular biceps, blue eyes and gorgeous smiles*"

"..can still remember those full on drools! Now it is a little more sedate, but my heart does flutter, or perhaps it's palpitations at my age!"

"I like to close my eyes and imagine that I am the one in their arms being kissed "

"Have any of you ladies found that as you've aged, you've found yourselves attracted to men that you wouldn't even have given a second glance fifteen or twenty years ago? If so, do you think it's because we're subconsciously seeking different attributes and are more interested in companionship?"

"Confidence is sexy. Young women haven't a clue - which is fair enough, there's got be something to keep us oldies interested (and interesting)."

"I wonder if Bill Gates actually has women throwing themselves at him?

"as I have got older, my taste in men has got younger..."

"Jonathon Ross, I've been trying to work out whether he's fanciable or not....I'd probably watch Voyager episodes with him if he popped round with a bottle of wine one evening, but we'd have a good laugh."

'Anyone got a fan?
I really need to reduce my temperature.'

NB None of the quotes have names attributed to them, for the simple reason that I would have to put my own name, too! If you really want to know how kinky each one of us is, just read the whole conversation. (.. Posts to date! ... 2001)

Star Trek; Voyager, etc


Stargate Entry by Sho

Another entry by Fiery Fred (compares film and TV series).

The official Stargate site

The main subject of the ladies' swooning is most definitely Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks)

Not to forget Jack (Richard Dean Anderson)

There are even those who dote on Teal'c

'This morning I got up half an hour early to record the first ever ep of Stargate... and found myself dribbling
into my breakfast over Richard Dean Anderson in a uniform...'


See Galaxy Babe's Farscape Appreciation Society for all relevant links.

' ... there are some yummy females in Farscape'

'Farscape. That Ben Bowder (or whatever his name is) is a real baben'A what???

the blue plant lady!} too! 'She is the reason I got Retro to watch Farscape the other week! Though he was disappointed she wasn't wearing something see-through, which she normally does! I can't take my eyes off her, whenever she is on screen {unless John Crichton is in the same shot of course} her make up is fantastic. Last week when she cried, she cried blue tears, but her make-up didn't run, I wonder how they did that?'


'...waiting around for Tyr (Keith Hamilton-Cobb) to grab Beka.' 'Baggy first to put my hands under that designer chainmail.'

And ladies - watch the knicker elastic when you go to this site.

'...otherwise not much good - a nice eyeful of Kevin Sorbo in his black leathers'

My choice is Seamus Harper. Reminds me of Tim Roth. But better. Those dimples - those mischievous eyes'

The Author's modest little list of favourites

James Purefoy, who played Prince Edward in 'A Knight's Tale'. My favourite picture of him.

I've just discovered this and can't resist it: A picture of James Purefoy looking sexy with some cherries.

Hugh Jackman, who performed some amazing feats in the film "Operation Swordfish". He also played Wolverine (X-Men).

To be continued..................

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